Member Marvin Mayer reminds us not to rely too heavily on our word processor’s spell check feature with this clever submission. Thanks, Marvin!

Marvin’s article, The Good Humor Man, is tentatively scheduled to appear in the July 2010 issue of The Good Old Days.

Spell-check Strikes Out!

Eye through the ball with all my mite
The Umpire called “Strike won!”
Eye new eye had two strike him out
Before my job was dun.

Eye sent my fast ball flying.
Boy! How that thing flu!
He swung and missed and eye just grinned.
The umpire yelled “Strike too!”

Eye walked up too the pitcher’s mound.
Eye new what eye must due;
Won last pitch; won more strike
Eye had two follow thru.

Sweat was pouring from my brow.
The son was blazing hot.
The catcher gave a curve ball sign
His glove showed me the spot.

Eye wound up and delivered
my best pitch of the day.
With just one swing of his big bat
he blue the game aweigh.

Just like Mighty Casey,
The home team didn’t win.
It wasn’t runs across the plate
That “took it on the chin!”

But spelling and the choice of words
used in the story’s telling
underscores that when we write
we must know what we’re spelling

Students, writers, learn to spell!
Don’t bee a “writing clown.”
Do knot rely on spell check!
It will surely let ewe down!

Spell check works for spelling
But it cannot read your mind.
It didn’t catch the wrong words used
No errors did mine find!