Something Spooktacular is happening at the NJ Chapter of The Children’s Writer’s Guild!

Dear friends,

We have three entries this year in the annual BookRemarks writing contest, and I would like to congratulate those writers who submitted work for this competition. While only one writer can win the prize, storycrafting is a reward in and of itself, and all entrants should be proud of having completed a challenging project that addresses the needs of that often neglected group: middle-grade boys.

I am also writing to ask that all members of our NJCWG community take the time to read the submissions to this year’s contest and support the efforts of your fellow writers by casting a vote for your favorite work. Each year the writers’ identities are kept a secret until the winner is announced, and each contest participant must vote, although they are not allowed to vote for themselves. Thus, the participation of our Guild’s members plays a significant role in determining the contest’s outcome. Please note that the deadline for casting your vote is Tuesday, January 31 by 10:00 pm EST. Danielle Ray, our contest sponsor, will announce the winner at the February 2012 meeting. I look forward to interviewing the winner and publishing their interview on our web site.

Thank you for your support!

Jack and I send our best wishes to all,


Rules for this year’s competition can be found on NJCWG’s web site: This contest is void where prohibited by law.