Join us @ Uno's in Hamilton for dinner followed by a movie

Hello, NJCWG Ladies!

We at CWG are excited about establishing a new, fun, ongoing event that will take place the first Friday of every month. It is completely voluntary, and you should not feel any pressure to attend.  Ladies’ Night Out is just for fun!

Ladies, you are cordially invited to join us at the designated restaurant for dinner or join us later at the theater or join us for both.  Restaurants and theaters will change from time to time, so we will send out new information every month.

If you decide to attend, you must RSVP by the first Wednesday of every month (by the time our critique group meets).  If we don’t have at least three people signed up for the event, then it will be cancelled.

This month, the ladies of CWG will be meeting at Uno’s in Hamilton for dinner, followed by a movie at AMC (located in the same complex). Uno’s offers discount movie tickets. Score! For those joining us for the movie only, we will upload movie and showing time details to our FaceBook page during dinner.

See you in November for Ladies’ Night Out!