September 2010

In the first installment of a monthly series, member Marvin Mayer writes in with his experiences attending the 2010 Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop.

Member Marvin Mayer It was a financial stretch for me, but by flying at “off peek” times, sharing hotel rooms, and with the help of some scholarship funds, I managed to attend the 2010 Writers Workshop. This was the 26th year that the Highlights Foundation has sponsored their week-long workshop at Chautauqua. Highlights Foundation is the parent organization for the Highlights For Children and Highlights High Five magazines, along with book publisher Boyds Mills Press and their various subsidiary imprints.

Member Danielle Ray has written in with a helpful tip for using a lesser-known MS Word feature to create more readable prose. Thanks Danielle!

KeyboardDid you ever wonder at what reading level you write? Many writers ponder this question and get feedback from their peers, but few know of tools that can give an answer based on established rules, guidelines, or formulas.

I was recently introduced to such a tool, and it’s located in Word. To set-up this option take the following steps:

Thanks to member Katherine Kurz, who reminded us that The International Women’s Writing Guild will host the 60th Big Apple Conference on October 16 and 17.

This year’s theme is “Making Meaning from Myth and Memoir.” A variety of events will be available to participants, including an opportunity to speak with authors. This year’s workshop directors are Maureen Murdock (memoir writing expert) and Sheila J. Levine (NYC publishing attorney). For registration information, visit the Guild’s web site.

If any members should attend, please write to let us know about your experiences!

“I decided that adventure was the best way to learn about writing.”
— Lloyd Alexander